The second stage of the project begins


After a very enriching first phase of the project, it is time to evaluate results and start a new stage with enthusiasm. Next week, all the members of the consortium will meet in Warsaw precisely for this.

On the one hand, we will analyze how the project has been developing up to this moment, and on the other hand we will fire the starting gun to the second phase, sharing the proposals of activities for the older people. These proposals will be different in each city, because the reality of our elders is different in each of them. This sharing aims to obtain feedback from the rest of the cities to improve each proposal, as well as to decide which of them will finally be carried out.

From the conclusions of this meeting professionals who will implement the activities will be sought, and the development of materials and recruitment of people who enjoy these activities will begin .

So we're on our way! Do not hesitate anymore. Write us and sign up!

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