Co-creation sessions in Lodz

On May 13 th 2019 and May 22 th 2019 Medical University of  Lodz had organized two co-creation session of the EIT Health project "Healthy loneliness". The events brought together 22 seniors as well as 21 experts in the field of healthy ageing, such as representatives of foundations, specialists from the field of geriatrics, students of coordinated social welfare and volunteers. The […]

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The second stage of the project begins

After a very enriching first phase of the project, it is time to evaluate results and start a new stage with enthusiasm. Next week, all the members of the consortium will meet in Warsaw precisely for this. On the one hand, we will analyze how the project has been developing up to this moment, and […]

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Co-creation sessions in Paris

Co-creation sessions with seniors E-Seniors organized two co-creation sessions with seniors on April 8th and on April 9th 2019 in E-Seniors’ premises in Paris. The main objectives of the co-creation session in France were: 1) To identify and gather the participants in the situation of loneliness or who are more likely to be in this […]

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Co-creation sessions in Valencia

The municipality of Valencia and the Universitat Politècnica de València launch co-creation workshops to detect and minimize loneliness of the elderly

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Healthy Loneliness Kick-off

Valencia City Council and the Universitat Politècnica de València (Spain), eSeniors (France) and Medical University of Lodz initiate a project to detect and face the solitude of the elderly people of Valencia

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