User requirements and needs analysis and selection of more motivating activities and interventions.


Elaboration of materials and design of the activities


Deployment of activities, intervention and assessment.
At the project beginning, we will perform co-creation workshops for extracting and understanding the actual picture of loneliness in seniors. Thereafter, the project plans a stage of elaborating educational materials and start the recruitment of seniors who will be attending the courses and activities. These courses will consist of face-to-face activities tailored to seniors in the three ourse sites (Valencia, Lodz and Paris) that will happen in different places such as cultural centers, homemaker associations or elderly associations.
People in loneliness situation and professionals of health and care related to that area. Regarding the trainers and stakeholders, we will recruit volunteers and professionals with enough previous experience to perform the activities. There will be no participation restrictions so if you are interested in enrolling Healthy Loneliness do not hesitate on contacting us!