Key contents, methodologies and tools needed for minimizing the negative effects of unwanted loneliness and to raise awareness.


For creating and improving the self-esteem of seniors in loneliness


Maintain and reduce the self-esteem status decrease

Raise awareness and promote knowledge and capacities among senior citizens

... their entourage and health and careprofessionals about the challenges related to unwanted loneliness, its effect on health and how to remediate it.

Boost the brand image of EIT health when reaching out to citizens and trainees

Stimulate a healthy and active life among seniors and improvement of their quality of life

Reduction of the feeling of loneliness and the degree of social isolation

Metrics 1

methods for evaluation selected in the first stage of WP3

Metrics 2,3

people reached through dissemination tools and number of trainings participants

Metrics 4,5

We will rely on validated tools, such as standardized questionnaires (eg EQ- 5D-5L, SF-6D, Health Utility Index) to which will be added more questions, developing a specific questionnaire in the framework of this project. It will be completed by the participating elders at the beginning and end of the project to evaluate the answers by
comparison. It will only be filled out 2 times, so that the participants do not feel overwhelmed.


Motivate a permanent change in individuals’ lives towards healthy and active ageing

Inspire initiatives and public policies addressing the social problem of unwanted loneliness

Puting into place innovative methods and materials to educate and empower citizens concern their health and social life.

Foster new contacts between trainees

Foster the synergy between various EIT Health initiatives and projects.